Value judgment

Kanishka Sinha
Sep 05, 2012

If you feel you are a judgmental person then you will have to ask yourself the same question that many comic book characters have had to ask themselves when they discover they have special gifts…

Are you going to use your power for good or for evil?

We judge ourselves and others for being judgemental. We tell ourselves that this is a bad thing. Our point of view is that being judgmental is an extremely good thing… but only if you can control your gift.

If you ask an open minded person what they thought of a person they just interviewed they might say something like ‘I don’t know.. seemed ok I guess’. A judgmental person on the other hand might say ‘He’s smart but has no backbone. He won’t be able to hold people accountable. He won’t make it as a sales manager’. Judgmental people may not always be charitable but they often see things that others don’t and/or faster than others can. This is their gift.

Their curse is that they often think that their opinions are facts. If they express these judgements indiscriminately then they risk hurting others and alienating themselves. If they try to avoid this fate by keeping their opinions to themselves then they often feel resentful and come across as cynical.

Judgmental people who have learned how to balance trusting the inner voice while remaining open to possibilities are simply intuitive and decisive. If they are willing to share their thoughts in a constructive manner then this gift can become a superpower.

‘I think you’re smart but I feel you might struggle to hold people accountable which is an important capability for a sales manager. Are you willing to learn this skill because if you’re not you’re unlikely to enjoy this specific role and will probably struggle to deliver the results expected of you.’

What are you feeling judgmental about today? And are you going to use your superpowers for good or for evil?