Range – Strengths Test

We developed the range model because we wanted to find a way to make sense of two seemingly conflicting pieces of conventional wisdom – one of which says: be who you are, be authentic, do what comes naturally to you. The other says: leaders should be aware of their areas of weakness and work on those. The range model not only gives an approach to identify your strengths and weaknesses, but also offers a way to develop complimentary strengths and create a balance between the existing and the new strengths.

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Instructions for filling the questionnaire
1. Please read each paired statement and pick one of those two statements that you feel best describes you
2. If you find yourself disagreeing or agreeing equally with both statements, trust yourself and pick one anyway

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1. I have a vision of what is possible. People consider me a practical person.
2. I take care of details most people would probably miss. I see patterns faster than most people.
3. I like having a plan. I respond flexibly.
4. I can be relied on. People enjoy being around me.
5. I think things through logically. I am in touch with my emotions.
6. I am an easy going person. I make things happen.
7. With me - what you see is what you get. I am comfortable stating my point of view.
8. I am comfortable working on a task by myself. I prefer working in a team.
9. I am comfortable speeding others up when required to achieve a task. I consider how my actions will impact the people around me.
10. I have good judgement when it comes to people. I trust people easily.
11. I think through major decisions sensibly. I have taken decisions others would be hesitant to take.
12. When we get stuck I can usually come up with a great idea. I have staying power.
13. I have exciting ideas. I plan things carefully.
14. I am realistic and grounded. I can see how things fit together.
15. I feel annoyed at myself when I get something wrong. I feel guilty when I don't give my best.
16. I am a good listener. I can make people laugh.
17. Things need to make sense. People are in general good.
18. I can sense things that others often don't. I jump into action faster than most.
19. I don't like 'selling' myself. I don't like asking for help.
20. I am comfortable speaking in public. I am comfortable asking for help.
21. I sometimes push people because if I don't things won't get done. I am sometimes careful of people who have their own agenda because they may not be aligned with my interests.
22. I find it difficult to say no to people. I find it easy to trust people.
23. I do things according to the best practice. I do things in innovative ways.
24. I am comfortable taking risks where required. I don't give up easily.
25. I think some people feel I'm unrealistic. I think some people feel I'm not a good listener.
26. It's important to look at things honestly. It's important to appreciate other's perspectives.
27. Sometimes people think I'm too picky. Sometimes people think I'm too serious.
28. I can see quickly what needs to be done. People enjoy being with me.
29. I can figure stuff out. I don't pretend to be what I'm not.
30. I'm intuitive. I'm confident.
31. I have a tendency to procrastinate. I have a tendency to try to do everything by myself.
32. I can make things happen. I have great relationships.
33. I think I may come across as too pushy sometimes. I think I may come across as too careful sometimes.
34. I help others proactively. I am comfortable taking risks when required.
35. There are some people you need to watch out for. I can generate great ideas.
36. In order to succeed you need to trust yourself. In order to succeed you need to work hard.

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