About Us


What we do

We work with high potentials and senior leaders in two areas – “mindset-shift” and “skill-development”.

Specifically, we design and deliver programs in the following areas – leadership development, executive coaching, influencing and coaching skills.

Our work usually starts with helping leaders create a “mindset-shift” as we believe that equipping them with skills before they have developed the leadership mindsets usually acts as a band-aid solution and not long lasting. Once they have internalized the mindsets, then they can learn the skills to be effective, as they work towards creating the results and relationships they want.

Why we do what we do


We (Kanishka Sinha, Girish Manimaran and Avantika Sinha) started Stillwater Consulting in 2011 to address what we felt was a significant learning need for high potential executives and senior leaders – identifying distorting beliefs that hold them back and building new empowering beliefs that could serve them well in creating the life they want. In other words, helping leaders make a “mindset-shift”.

In our experience training and coaching CEOs, Senior Leaders and high potentials, we’ve realised that quite often individuals intellectually “know” what they need to do in order to be effective in producing the results and relationships they want, but don’t “do” what they know they need to do (to be effective), because of deeply held beliefs.

Sometimes they are aware of their limiting beliefs and are afraid to take risks/behave differently and in some situations, they might not even be aware of which beliefs are holding them back. Stillwater leadership programs and coaching conversations are an opportunity for participants to take a deep dive and identify the distorting beliefs that hold them back, chart a clear path to what they want to create in their life and build new skills and behaviours that can serve them well on that journey. Here is a LinkedIn post from Girish about why he does what he does – the essence of this post is something that all of us at Stillwater, connect with closely: https://tinyurl.com/3wa5vtf5


Our experience

  • We’ve worked with CEOs, senior leaders and high potentials at many of India’s best-known companies, across industries such as Consumer Goods, e-commerce, Manufacturing/B2B, Banking and Financial services, Technology, Consulting, Education, Healthcare, NGOs and Media, since 2011.
  • We’ve worked with high potential Associate Directors, Directors, MDs and Partners at three of the Big Four Professional Services firms – this has allowed us to understand the challenges that are unique to this area.
  • We’ve worked with a number of e-commerce start-ups such as Swiggy, Urban Ladder, Licious, Nearbuy, Capital Float and BlueStone.
  • We’ve been teaching at the Indian School of Business since 2014 and have worked with more than 10 batches of management trainees at Hindustan Unilever Limited – we’ve learnt how to engage smart professionals who don’t want to be lectured.
  • As a training firm, we focus on three areas – leadership development, influencing skills and coaching skills. This has allowed us to develop powerful theoretical frameworks and hone our program delivery mechanisms.
  • We have academic and corporate experience and have worked with companies such as Hindustan Unilever Limited, Hewlett Packard, Tata Steel etc across functions such as sales, marketing, finance and law – our background helps us empathise with the challenges our participants face but also challenge them to step out of their comfort zone.