Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Stillwater provides one-on-one executive coaching to support high potential managers transition to the next level of leadership effectiveness through sustainable behaviour changes.

We usually recommend that managers do the Leadership Effectiveness program first and then opt for the individual coaching, if required post the program. The Leadership Effectiveness program is a highly challenging self-awareness program that helps leaders break barriers within a short period of time and coaching, post the program, becomes a lot more powerful.


Typical Structure

We normally recommend the following structure. However, this can be customized based on the client needs.

  • Chemistry Call: 1.5 hours (We only charge the client if the coachee decides to take the engagement forward post this meeting)
  • Goal Sheet: Coachee fills out a goal sheet and gets feedback from their manager
  • Coaching Calls: 4 calls of 1 hour each. Coachee gets feedback from manager and other stakeholders before each call

We can use the Stillwater 360 feedback process or the Stillwater Range psychometric test to help the coachee in this process.

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