Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

This is a challenging self-awareness based experiential program where participants understand their individual beliefs and behaviours that are effective or ineffective as a leader. This is not a theoretical program with one-way download from the trainer about world leaders or leadership styles. The trainers give direct feedback to raise the participants awareness about their current patterns of behaviours such that they can move to the next level of leadership effectiveness. (Click on the video to get a gist of what the program is about)

We offer two formats of the Leadership Programs:

  1. Crucible: This program is limited to 15-20 participants to allow for deeper individual conversations with Stillwater trainers during the program. Usually delivered for mid-senior level leaders.
  2. Foundations: The theory in both programs is the same, but the number of participants in Foundations is between 50-100. This allows us to serve more individuals at a lower price point. Usually for junior-mid level leaders.

Key challenges

These are some of the typical challenges that the senior leaders and high potential managers who attend our programs, struggle with:

  1. Building new mindsets/behaviours without losing their core strengths: Many of the participants are at the cusp of moving to the next level and they need to recognize that what got them to their current level, may not get them to the next one. Understanding their mental barriers and overcoming them forms a big part of their growth.
  2. Next level mindset: At the next level, leaders need to think at the organization or function level, but they find themselves bogged down by daily fire fighting. They need to learn to not only think big but also trust their teams, delegate effectively and to let go of what they have been holding on to.
  3. Fear of failure: One of the biggest challenges that faces these leaders is that they are afraid that if they try new things, they will fail and the brand that they have carefully cultivated over many years by executing well on their tasks, will be diluted.
  4. Trusting themselves to make big decisions: As leaders take on bigger roles and responsibilities, they also face more uncertainty. In such situations, leaders sometimes get bogged down by “analysis paralysis” as they search for the “right” answer. Trusting themselves to make “a” choice and having the courage to deal with and learn from the consequences is a key growth area for many high potential leaders.
  5. Handling difficult conversations: Many leaders find it hard to have direct, open, honest conversations in a way that doesn’t come across as abrasive or too sugar-coated. This in turn becomes challenging when they want to build and coach their teams and get results through people.
  6. Influencing without authority: Many leaders find it challenging to influence senior stakeholders or peers across functions or even external clients because they find they can’t use the same tactics they do with their teams.


The program has two components to it:

Theory, which is covered in form of pre-work to each session through videos and questions (approx one hour pre-work for each session);

Practice, which is in the virtual live session which become highly interactive as the theory is already covered in the pre-work. This allows the participants to have maximum conversation time with the trainers.

The program is usually structured around 5 online sessions, each based on a leadership principles, of 3.5-4 hours each which can be covered within a week, once a week or at an interval that suits the client. However, we recommend a 5-week program.

Participants Learnings

Every participant takes away something different from the program. But here are some of the things that our participants have said

“My most important takeaways were ownership and win-win. Ownership helped me look at life from a different perspective. And win-win changed the goal of my every conversation with people – I understood that ultimately the only thing that works and that is important is win-win.”

“I need to release self judgements to release fear of judgement from other people. I got to know the difference between facts and interpretations. The program is superb and very well managed.”

“It made my dead cells of brain working , motivating me to wake up and walk the extra mile to achieve the goal”

“Learnt a lot from the program, about ourselves, leadership styles, how to grow as a person. The best part of this program was that it wasn’t focused on only on professional growth but also on personal growth.”

“The learnings were immense and it really helped me think and understand myself better. There were some things that I used to perceive myself to be and that change through the course of the program.”

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