Praxeum – Leadership Program for the Public

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Praxeum is an accelerated leadership development program for high potential professionals who want to invest in their future. It is a series of challenging, and confidential, conversations and introspection that requires courage and honesty. It is an opportunity for you to identify the limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back. So that you can confront them and overcome them to create the lives you want – both professionally and personally.

“The quickest self transformation journey and hands down the most kickass and rigorous leadership development program. Praxeum changes your internal wiring, shatters your ideas and pushes your boundaries to breakthrough” – Falguni Jha, Praxeum Graduate

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Praxeum Foundations

The program is completely free and there is no limit to the number of participants in a batch. This allows us to work with anyone who would like to do the program without fees or finances being an issue. We would like to spread the work as widely as we can.

Next Dates:

Praxeum Foundations (2024) – PF17: Praxeum Foundations – 31st August, 7th September, 14th September, 21st September, 28th September (Saturdays, 10am-1:30pm IST)

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Praxeum is a 5-week course conducted virtually on zoom for 3.5 hours on 5 consecutive Saturdays.

Each session is based on one of the five leadership principles covered in the course and has about an hour of pre-work in terms of videos and reflection questions. The theory is covered in the pre-work and we dive right into exercises and conversations in the online sessions.

The conversations in the program are meant to be challenging to have participants reflect on their current patterns of thinking and behaviour and break mental barriers.



1. What is the Praxeum Leadership program about?

In our experience of working with CEOs and senior leaders at many of India’s best-known companies, we’ve seen that successful leaders internalize and apply five mindsets consistently – Clarity, Honesty, Ownership, Win Win and Commitment. Praxeum is a challenging self-awareness leadership program that aims to get participants to internalize these five leadership mindsets.

The program is designed for participants to identify their distorting and empowering beliefs so that they learn to think rigorously and act fearlessly to create the results and relationships they want in all areas of their lives.

The Praxeum Leadership program is about creating significant “mindset-shifts” that allow participants to take risks and practice behaviours that they have found difficult or uncomfortable before, so that they create breakthroughs in their progress towards their life goals. This may be in the areas of leadership presence or communication or relationships or any other area.

Please see more details on structure and content.

2. What is not covered in the Praxeum leadership program?

The program does not use academic case studies or autobiographies of famous personalities or reams of power point slides covering leadership theory that allows participants to abstract leadership into a safe intellectual conversation. We consciously stay away from taking specific examples of famous leaders (like Steve Jobs/Bill Gates etc) because the leader we want participants to focus on is “themselves”.

The Praxeum is a “conversation-led” and not “content-led” program. All theoretical frameworks/models will be covered in the pre-work videos, before each session. The live sessions will be “conversation-led”. There are specific exercises/discussions in each session for which the Trainer will set context and then invite participants to share their experiences – the Trainer will share their perspective based on what emerges from the conversations, during the live sessions.

The program is not aimed at imparting skills such as presentation skills, data analysis, negotiating effectively, strategic thinking etc. If you are looking for specific advice on how to structure meetings, what exactly to say while communicating with others, body language etc you might be better served by exploring other programs.

Please read FAQ 8 to get an idea of what you can expect to get from the program and what participants from our programs say they got.

4. Who is the Praxeum Leadership program for?

We have no restrictions or expectations regarding who should attend a Praxeum Crucible or Foundations program. However, Praxeum is best suited for:

  1. Individuals who are hungry for learning and growth, personally and professionally and want to invest in themselves (rather than wait for their organisation to invest in them) by signing up for a leadership program that is trusted by many of India’s top companies.
  2. Mid-level high potential executives with 5 to 20 yrs of experience will get the most value from the program. What it takes to create value in a Praxeum leadership program is not your age or experience, but the ambition to learn and grow and the willingness to have your beliefs challenged.
  3. For individuals who want to create significant changes in their lives through deep introspection and challenging conversations that allow them to make a “mindset-shift”.
5. When might it not make sense for me to do a Praxeum Leadership program?

In our experience, participants don’t create much value for themselves in the following situations:

  1. when they feel that things are going fine in all areas of their life and there are no specific challenges that they would like to work on. We feel this is a great place to be in life and if you are currently in this place in your life, the Praxeum leadership program might not help you create a breakthrough in your results/relationships. Creating value from the Praxeum Leadership program requires considerable investment from the participant (completing the pre-work, participating in the workshop by openly sharing goals, challenges, fears, willingness to introspect with honesty, have beliefs challenged etc) and in the absence of a clear intrinsic reason/motivation the program can seem difficult.
  2. when they are looking for the Trainer or the program to motivate them (the program works when individuals are already motivated and want to learn and be challenged).
  3. when they treat the program like an intellectual exploration of new theoretical frameworks without putting in the effort to link those frameworks to their professional and personal goals/challenges and make the program “real” for themselves.
6. Are there any pre-requisites to be eligible to sign up for a Praxeum leadership program?

There are no pre-requisites for the program except a willingness to learn, have your beliefs challenged and the courage to take risks and have challenging conversations. This will be an experiential program with less structure than typical skill-based programs and you will create more value from the program when you are willing to give direct feedback to others and be open to different perspectives from others.

7. What is typically the profile of participants in the Praxeum leadership program?

We typically have high potentials from companies, across industries and roles, attending our programs. The participant profile of the batch is an outcome of what works for participants from a pricing point of view and how much of 1-1 interaction they would like with the Stillwater Trainer.

However, we honestly feel that the profile of participants in a batch doesn’t matter from the point of view of participants’ learning. What impacts a participant’s learning the most (in a Praxeum) is their willingness to take risks and participate (share openly about their aspirations, challenges, fears etc) and not who else is in the program.

8. What can I expect to get from the Praxeum leadership program?

Participants who join our programs typically do so because they want to learn the mindsets and skills to overcome one or more of the following challenges:

  1. “I’m doing great in my current role and want to figure out how I can get to next level as a leader”.
  2. “I have a stable job but I’m not feeling happy or motivated in life”.
  3. “I want to build my confidence and executive presence when I present to senior leaders, clients and my Board of Directors”.
  4. “I want confidence and clarity to express my ideas”.
  5. “I feel like I’m stagnating in my current role. I know I have the capability to become a senior leader, but I don’t know what’s keeping me stuck”.
  6. “I’m not sure about what I want in my life. I am confused about the way forward”.
  7. “I want to create more work-life balance for myself. I’ve been trying hard to do this but am not succeeding”.
  8. “I am struggling to create great relationships personally and professionally”.

This is what participants who’ve attended Praxeums have to share about what they got from the program – Testimonials

Rather than “What can I expect to get…”, we feel that a more powerful question for potential participants to ask themselves is “what do I want to create for myself through this program?” The Praxeum Leadership program is like a gym – if you want to build your muscles, you (and not the Trainer) need to lift the weights and do the hard work.

We believe that we have proven theoretical frameworks, exercises and tools to enable participants to create significant shifts in their lives. These are like the “weights” in a gym – ultimately, the value that participants get is proportional to how much effort they put in.

9. How will this help in my career progression?

The Praxeum leadership program is not just about focusing on professional growth.

Participants have an opportunity to take a deep look at all areas of their life – professional growth, personal results, health, relationships etc and identify what’s holding them back and build new beliefs and behaviours that allow them to create the life they want.

10. Is there any support after the five virtual sessions?

There are no planned sessions after the 5th virtual session. Participants can opt for 1-1 coaching conversation to support them over a longer period of time and hire a Stillwater coach. Please contact us in case you are interested in this.

We will send program videos (our theoretical frameworks on leadership development, Real Conversations etc) as a playlist post the program so that participants can refer them at any time in the future, if they want to revisit/refresh specific concepts.

Here is a video on how individuals can build and sustain new behaviours after a learning program

11. Do you have any other timings more suitable to another time zone?

Short answer, no.

However, if you can get a group of people who are willing to cumulatively put together Rs 6.25 lakhs (+GST), we can schedule the program at a time that is convenient for you 🙂

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