Stillwater Consulting Services LLP is a corporate training and consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, executive coaching and organizational effectiveness.

We conduct highly experiential and challenging leadership programs in which managers become aware of the subconscious beliefs they have that get in the way of inspiring others and delivering results.

We have delivered leadership effectiveness programs for senior executives, mid level high potentials and young leaders at CRISIL, ABG, HUL, HT, HDFC Life, JSW group etc.

We design each program considering the unique requirements of the organization.


Some of the outcomes of our Leadership Effectiveness Programs:

  • Participants identify which of their beliefs and habitual behaviours are getting in the way of their leadership effectiveness and get clear on which beliefs and behaviours they need to practice to improve their leadership effectiveness.
  • Participants understand how taking an “ownership” mindset (as opposed to blaming others and circumstances) is far more effective in producing results and also understand why people shy away from this.
  • Participants understand the difference between feedback, judgment and advice; when to use which of the above and how to give feedback in a manner that generates least resistance from the listener
  • Participants understand that in order to take their leadership to the next level they do not need to change their personalities. However, they do need to step out of their comfort zone when required.