Stillwater Consulting Services LLP is a corporate training and consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, executive coaching and organizational effectiveness.

We have the ability to design customized programs in close partnership with Business Heads and Client HR that augment existing corporate frameworks and are directly aligned to organizational strategy. Here are some sample programs we have delivered:

  1. Influencing Skills Workshop
    We recently delivered a one-day influencing skills workshop for the managers of a global investment bank. Participants practiced influencing skills through a negotiation case study and a strategy team game while learning some theory on best practices.
  2. Impactful Communication Workshop
    We worked with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to deliver a communications workshop for the graduates of their Post Graduate Programs.  Participants engaged in exercises, case studies and psychometric tests and were given feedback interspersed with various models to raise their awareness of their individual effective and ineffective communication styles, thus enabling them to practice effective communication techniques.
  3. Managerial Effectiveness Workshop
    We worked with a leading national newspaper to deliver a managerial effectiveness workshop for their mid level managers. The workshop included exercises on leading (inspiring others), coaching (developing others) and managing (delivering results).
  4. Direct Recruit On-boarding
    We worked with a leading FMCG multinational to help direct recruits make the transition to the corporate culture. This was in response to a need to bridge the gap between the expectation of high performance and the absence of a long training stint that the management trainees get the benefit of.