Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills

Based on a 7-step model, this program equips managers to have effective conversations and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

This is a skill-based program where the participants understand and practice each skill through role plays in the online sessions where the trainer gives them feedback on how they are communicating. The skills include sharing, giving feedback, listening, understanding, asking questions, holding people accountable, making requests and saying no in an effective way.

While this can be done as a standalone program, we highly recommend that this is done along with the leadership mindset shift program, as that allows the participants to dig deeper into what may get in the way of applying these skills.

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  • Develop mindsets and behaviours that enable communicating effectively with various stakeholders
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the theoretical framework underlying crucial conversations
  • Learn how to articulate and assert themselves effectively
  • Learn to listen ‘empathetically’ and ‘critically’ in order to communicate with impact
  • Get feedback on how others are perceiving their communication effectiveness
  • See how they can resolve and potentially create value from conflicts with other stakeholders
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