Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

Participants learn the basic skills of coaching that help them to coach their teams.

Like the influencing skills program, this is also a skill-based program where the participants understand and practice each skill through exercises and role plays in the online sessions where the trainer gives them individual feedback on these skills. The skills include asking powerful questions, sharing feedback and listening. The participants understand how to structure their conversations with the coachees and practice real coaching conversations with each other.

While this can be done as a standalone program, we highly recommend that this is done along with the leadership mindset shift program, as that allows the participants to dig deeper into what may get in the way of applying these skills.

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To help managers integrate coaching and developmental skills into their regular managing, results focused conversations with their team members

  • Understand the skill of powerful questioning
  • Learning to give feedback in a way that is not judgmental or prescriptive
  • Developing the crucial skill oflistening
  • Understanding a framework for structuring coaching conversations
  • Practicing the skills of coaching so that they can apply them right away
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