Blue lightsaber heading

You’re alive. You’re going to die. Now what?

The Praxeum program is a personal effectiveness program open to people of all religious dominations and of none, but it is based on Humanistic principles – no babas, no mullahs, no prayer, no karma, no past lives, no breathing exercises, no chakras, no numerology, no magic rings, no heaven & hell, no cow urine, no levitation.

We believe that all humans are ultimately responsible for the authorship of the story of their lives and that through clear thinking and empathy we can author a compelling narrative for ourselves of meaning, contribution, fun, adventure, achievement, learning , and love.

We have named the program after a Jedi Academy training centre set up by Luke Skywalker. A Jedi is our goofy way of referring to a person who exhibits Humanist principles of acting with reason and compassion to help others and to safeguard the ecology of our planet for future generations. We would like to help others achieve success and fulfilment in their lives in the hope that some of them will pay it forward and we can set off a chain reaction. In order to do so we need to help our Jedis develop the leadership skills and charisma that will inspire and influence others to spread the same values.

But nobody said this was going to be easy.

The program will ask you tough questions

– Who are you?
– What is the meaning of life? What is a meaningful life?
– What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
– What are your dreams and fears? Strengths and weaknesses?
– What do you need to learn to live life on your terms

We believe that only you have the authority to answer these questions. We also believe these are hard questions to answer by yourself. If you would like to learn how we believe we can serve you in this process, read more here